Do you want to say ‘goodbye’ to guilt on long work days knowing your best friend is having a blast socializing with his buddies and exploring a variety of gorgeous trails and parks?


Do you dread taking your dog for a walk because of all the lunging and barking as passing every dog is a crisis?Do you find yourself hiding behind parked cars to let other dogs pass?


Is your dog perfectly happy with engaging one-on-one walks with familiar humans? Our fun-filled one-on-one outings are just the thing to tucker out your dog.


  • A Tired Dog is a Good Dog. Dogs need daily exercise and mental stimulation to be happy, calm, and well-behaved. Left to his own devices, a bored dog will come up with its own creative ways to entertain himself, no matter if this means chewing up your shoes, digging holes in your back yard, soiling your place or barking at anything or anyone that goes by. CiaoCiao's engaging, fast-paced walks are just the thing to tucker out your dog and bring out his best behavior. So you come home to a couch potato instead of a hot potato.
  • This Land is your Land, but I'm Going to Pee on It. Dogs need to experience a variety of sights, smells, and sounds daily to keep their mind active and engaged. That's why CiaoCiao offers dogs daily adventure walks over a variety of gorgeous trails and parks in sunny Orange County. So you can say ‘goodbye’ to guilt on long work days knowing your best friend is having a blast socializing and exploring with his buddies.
  • An Active Dog is a Healthy Dog. Under-exercised dogs are often overweight, and packing the pounds leads to increased risk of diseases like arthritis, diabetes, respiratory disease, heart disease, and can shorten a dog's life. To help you keep your dog lean and healthy, here at CiaoCiao we choose routes and activities tailored to your dog's exercise needs, health, and age. And all this means more years of life and love for you and your dog.
  • We Bring Dog Daycare in the Great Orange County Outdoors to You. With CiaoCiao, your dog will enjoy getting out of the house to socialize and exercise outdoors for 2 to 4 hours a day, and then he will be returned safely to your home. So you don’t have to experience the hassle of dropping off and picking up your dog from dog daycare or paying extra for shuttle service.
  • We Specialize in Socializing Your Dog with a Handful of Regular Friends that are Right for Your Dog. Most dogs needs to meet their friends to be happy, confident, well-rounded and well-behaved. That's why at CiaoCiao, we take dogs out with a handful of well-matched buddies that go on adventure walks together every week. So you can say ‘goodbye’ to guilt on long work days knowing that your best friend is out having a blast with his pals.
  • We Put Safety First Without Compromising on Fun. While your dog is getting exercise and having fun, you can always count on one and the same familiar, trained and experienced coach, Livia, CiaoCiao’s founder, to supervise your dog and his friends at every step of the way. And you can get to know Livia personally and have to deal with only one and the same person for every aspect of the service. Likewise, your dog can look forward to greeting always the same familiar person that he trusts and respects. And Livia can get to know your dog inside out and pay him and each of his friends the attention they need to keep them happy and safe.


  • It Takes Specialized Skills to Handle Multiple Dogs in a Group Setting. That's why Livia is trained and certified in dog behavior science, pack dynamics, and experienced in handling groups of dogs and common behavior issues. And nothing makes her happier than seeing a dog transform through exercise, socialization and positive training.
  • Livia Specializes in Exercising and Socializing Your Dog with His Friends. Most dog walkers don't have the skills to handle multiple dogs and common behavior issues safely. Livia instead specializes in socializing dogs and is experienced in handling misbehaving dogs. This way your dog can have a great time with his friends and stay safe at the same time.
  • Balancing Safety and Fun. Livia wants your dog to have a blast with his friends and, at the same time, avoid the tragedy of a lost dog or a dog struck by a car, two all-too-common outcomes of off leash walks. That's why CiaoCiao's walks and adventures take place on leash. So you have the piece of mind that your dog will come home safe and sound every day.
  • Livia Welcomes Teaming up with Your Dog's Trainer. If you're working with a dog trainer, Livia is happy to team up with your trainer for faster progress, by reinforcing your dog's training plan while giving your dog the exercise he needs.


'Ciao' is a common Italian way of saying both 'hello' and 'goodbye'. Originally hailing from Italy and Switzerland, Livia looked for a way to incorporate a bit of her native tongue into the name of her service. As each day begins with picking up her canine charges for a fun-filled excursion ('hello again!'), and ends with dropping them safe and tuckered out at home ('goodbye for now!'), CiaoCiao seemed the perfect fit.

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