Does your dog love to meet other dogs? With our walks, your dog will have a daily outlet for energy and will look forward to go walking with his friends over a diverse set of trails, streets, and parks in your neighborhood. And you say 'goodbye' to guilt on long work days, and focus on your job, knowing that your dog is out walking and having a blast in safe hands.


Want to count on the same trusted person to take your dog on walks whenever you need help? Tired of getting yet another notice that a new walker will come into your home?  Does your dog loves to walk with the same familiar person and craves undivided attention? With our one-on-one walks you have the peace of mind that the same full-time professional walker is available for you. Our brisk walks are just the thing to tucker out your dog. So you come home to a happy couch potato instead of a hot potato.


Dread taking your dog for a walk because of the pulling and barking, as passing every dog is a crisis? Does your dog love to chase squirrels, skaters and the likes? Then you know it’s not pleasant being taken along for the ride. By practicing calm, focused behavior during our engaging walks, your dog will learn to keep cool while enjoying walking on a leash. And your Cujo will turn into Lassie.



  • You Have the Peace of Mind and Convenience of Counting On the Same Full-Time, Trained, Professional Walker That You Meet Personally at the Initial Consultation.  Being able to count on a regular walker means that you have the peace of mind that your dog is in safe hands, and that he is happy to walk with a familiar person that knows him inside out.
  • An Active Dog is a Good Dog. Your dog needs mental stimulation and exercise to be well-rounded and well-behaved. Left alone, dogs get bored and come up with their own creative ways to entertain themselves, no matter if this means chewing up shoes, digging holes in the backyard, or yapping at anything that moves by. Our brisk walks are just the thing to tucker out your dog.
  • A Tired Dog is a Healthy Dog. Your dog needs daily exercise to stay fit and healthy. Under-exercised dogs often are overweight, and packing the pounds increases the risk of chronic diseases like arthritis and diabetes, that often shorten a dog's life. We tailor the level of our walks' activity specifically to your dog's needs. So you have more years of life and love to spend with your dog.
  • This Land is your Land, but I'm Going to Pee on It.  Your dog needs a variety of sights, smells and sounds every day to keep his mind engaged. We spice up your dog's day by walking over a diverse set of trails, streets and parks in your neighborhood. So you focus on your job knowing that your dog is out walking and having a blast.
  • A Great Alternative to Dog Daycare, Without You Having to Drop Off and Pick Up Your Dog, or Pay Extra for Shuttle Service.  Your dog will make walking friends in your own neighborhood. Our service includes picking up and dropping off your dog safely at your home in a comfortable passengers van at no extra cost to you.
  • We Put Safety First Without Compromising on Fun. We limit our walking groups to a few regular dogs, so we can choose and match them carefully, and we can pay each dog the attention he needs to stay safe and have fun.

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  • It Takes Skills to Handle Dogs Safely. That's why you need a walker trained in handling dogs safely and addressing common dog behavior issues. Learn More About Livia's Dog Handling Skills and Her Credentials.
  • Specialized in Socializing and Walking Multiple Dogs. Most dog walkers don't have the skills to handle more than one dog at a time safely. Livia instead is trained in socializing and walking multiple dogs, and knows how to do so safely.
  • Balancing Safety and Fun. To avoid the tragedy of a lost dog or a dog struck by a car, two all-too-common outcomes of off-leash walks, all walks take place on- leash.
  • Teaming up with Your Dog Trainer. If you're working with a dog trainer, Livia will reinforce your dog training plan on walks for faster progress.


'Ciao' is a common Italian way of saying both 'hello' and 'goodbye.' Originally hailing from Italy and Switzerland, Livia looked for a way to incorporate a bit of her native tongue into the name of her service. As each day begins with picking up her canine charges for a fun-filled excursion ('hello again!'), and ends with dropping them safe and tuckered out at home ('goodbye for now!'), CiaoCiao seemed the perfect fit.

CiaoCiao PetCare serves the following communities of Irvine and Newport Beach: Rancho San Joaquin, University Town Center, Westpark, Woodbridge, Oak Creek, University Park, Turtle Rock, Turtle Ridge, Shady Canyon, Quail Hill, Santa Ana Heights, San Joaquin Hills. These communities encompass the following ZIP codes: 92612, 92614, 92617, 92697, 92603, and parts of the following ZIP codes: 92604, 92606, 92618, 92627, 92657, 92660, 92705, 92707, 92780, 92782. A travel fee may apply to parts of the following ZIP codes: 92603, 92604, 92606, 92618, 92626, 92627, 92657, 92660, 92705, 92707, 92780, 92782.