Professional dog walking for busy pet owners, committed to providing pets with tons of fun, companionship and exercise when their busy owners are at work or out of town. No guilt, no worry, just happier, healthier, better-behaved dogs!

CiaoCiao PetCare is a unique walking service specialized in providing social dogs with regular exercise outdoors and companionship throughout the day within small groups of regular canine friends matched carefully based on their temperament, energy level, and size.

Each day we drive to different parks and trails in Irvine or Newport Beach in a passengers van outfitted with individual crates and toys to maximize fun and mental stimulation. And we strive to return each dog is to his family happy and tired, well-behaved and ready to relax with mom and dad in the evening. Our professional, in-home services offer pet owners peace of mind, convenience, and the joy of coming home to healthy, happy and well-behaved pets.

As the owner of CiaoCiao PetCare, Livia personally meets each of her human and canine clients, carefully places each dog into the most appropriate group, and provides all dogs with professionally-guided exercise. “Ciao” is a common Italian way of saying both “hello” and “goodbye.” Originally hailing from Italy, Livia looked for a way to incorporate a bit of her native tongue into the name of her business. As each day begins with picking up her canine charges for a fun-filled excursion (“hello again!”), and ends with dropping them safe and tuckered out at home (“goodbye for now!”), CiaoCiao seemed the perfect fit.

CiaoCiao PetCare puts clients first and is well-respected and referred to by local veterinarians and pet care professionals as an ideal service for busy dog owners to give their pets the exercise and companionship they need to be healthy, happy, and easy to live with.


Fun, engaging walks let you say “goodbye” to guilt on long workdays and “hello” to a calmer, happier dog when you get home.


Does your dog love to play off leash with her canine buddies and human companions?


When you are away from home, we can take care of your pets in the environment in which they are most comfortable, their home, and provide them with the care they are used to get from you.


When you are out of town we can take care of your pets in their home, where they are most comfortable, and we can provide them with the care they are used to get from you.


We offer dog brushing & bathing services in your home, combining the convenience of dog walking with dog bathing services.


We offer pet pick up & drop off service to & from clients vets or groomers.