Want to count on the same trusted person to take your dog on walks when you need help? Tired of getting yet another notice that a new walker will come into your home? Does your dog loves to walk with the same familiar person and craves undivided attention?

With our one-on-one walks you will have the peace of mind that the same full-time professional walker will be available walk your dog when you need help.

Our brisk walks are just the thing to give your dog the exercise and mental stimulation he needs to tucker him out and keep him happy and healthy. So you come home to a couch potato instead of a hot potato.

Individual walks can be a great choice for senior dogs, dogs that like it peaceful and quiet, or for dogs that are recovering from health issues.



  • Easy, moderate, or fast-paced walks depending on your dog’s needs.
  • Daily photo updates.
  • $25 per walk per dog.


  • Your dog will be walked between 8 am and 6 pm.
  • Overnight service available to regular clients. So your dog can enjoy the kind of care and attention he is used to get from you even when you are out of town.
  • You personally meet the walker that will regularly take your dog on walks, and you have to deal with only one person for every aspect of the service.
  • Your dog will look forward to walk with a familiar person who knows him inside out.


STEP 1 – Complimentary Meet & Greet.  Livia will come to your home at a convenient time to meet you and give you and your dog the chance to get to know her. You’ll step through an interview process so that Livia can start learning what she needs to know to keep your dog happy and safe on walks.

STEP 2 – Your Dog’s Walk & Exercise Program. Based on what Livia learns at the Meet & Greet, she’ll formulate a walking route for fun-filled outings. If you’re working with a trainer, Livia will incorporate your trainer’s plan into your dog’s walks, so your dog can benefit from a consistent set of rules.

STEP 3 – Away We Go! Livia will start taking your dog out, and they’ll get to go trotting and wear themselves out.

STEP 4 – You Come Home to a Happy and Well-behaved Pet. End your day sitting back and cuddling up with a happy and well-behaved companion who’s happy to rest with you after a fun-filled outing.