Join Our Strut Your Mutt Team! Help us save the lives of homeless dogs!

Greetings everyone!
We are taking part in Strut Your Mutt 2020 to help save the lives of homeless dogs, and we’d like to invite you to join our awesome struttin’ team. Our team is fundraising for Coastal German Shepherd Rescue (CGSR) an all-volunteer non-profit group that rescued our Darley seven years ago. Had not been for CGSR volunteers and donors like you, our Darley and many other dogs would be among the 2,000 homeless dogs and cats euthanized every day in America.
Often dogs abandoned in the streets refuse to leave their post convinced that their owner will come back for them. Captain, a German shepherd mix that suddenly lost his master, Miguel Guzman, who died of a hearth attack, resolved to spend the rest of his life guarding his master’s tomb. When Miguel’s family returned home after his funeral, Capitan had disappeared. They looked for him and were not able to find him. But when they visited Miguel’s grave, they found Capitan standing guard over his tomb! Capitan had found his way to the cemetery even if he had never been there before, and he was even able to locate Miguel’s exact grave. And although the Guzman family attempted to bring Capitan home, he kept returning to Miguel’s tomb every nightfall and remained faithful in this duty until he drew his last breath in 2018 in Cordova, Argentina.
Help devoted dogs like Captain, your dog and ours find a forever home! Make a donation to our page. Your donation will allow Coastal German Shepherd Rescue volunteers like us to find forever homes for homeless dogs. Every little contribution makes a difference. Can you skip a coffee or dinner out? Right now we need donations. Bad. Our fundraising goal is $50,000.
You can join our team and contribute to this noble cause by clicking on this link:
This cause means so much to us. We are greateful for your contribution.
Together we can Save Them All!!
Livia, Greg, and Darley

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