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Every year millions of dogs are abandoned or neglected. Only a few lucky of these find a second home, while many are euthanized. This is partly due to the perception that rescue dogs have behavioral or health issues. The reality is that people often abandon dogs with perfectly normal behaviors: for instance, dogs that become destructive due to lack of stimulation, or high-energy dogs adopted by families with a sedentary life-style. Here are some facts to keep in keep in mind when pondering if you should rescue and adopt a dog:

  • Experienced professionals or volunteers at animal shelters and rescue organizations assess each dog’s behavior and needs. Adoption counselors work with prospective adopters to match them with a dog that best fits each family’s lifestyle and experience in handling dogs.
  • You may be able to foster a dog before adopting him to evaluate how well he fits in your family before you make the important decision to adopt.
  • Rescue dogs are up-to-date on their vaccinations, spayed or neutered, often housebroken, and partly obedience-trained.
  • By adopting an older dog, you can bypass the challenges of adolescence. Senior dogs if you like high-energy breeds but cannot handle all the energy.

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