Best Places to Walk Your Dog – Irvine Regional Park

Best Places to Walk Your Dog. Looking for a park that goes beyond the 200 ft by 200 ft tract with grass, a children’s playground, and a few benches and tables? A park with large tracts of grass that allow you to throw a frisbee to your dog or take it jogging, roller skating, or bicycling without having to go in circles?

Throughout Orange County there is a well-developed system of parks and natural areas that cover not only the usual accouterments of a typical park, but also larger areas that allow users to roam unhindered by traffic.

William Mason Regional Park, Irvine. The William Mason Park consists of a 100-acre developed area west of Culver Ave. and an undeveloped natural area east of Culver. The undeveloped area parallels University Ave and connects with the Quail Hill Open Space Preserve. Additionally, bike paths make their way through a system of green belts and undeveloped hills in the Turtle Rock neighborhood. The developed area is the center of official activities such as the Persian Festival, concerts, and outdoor movie showings. Yet even on crowded days, you can find a secret nook.

Planning your visit.
18712 University Drive, Irvine, CA. Parking is $5/vehicle and OC Parks pass is accepted. Park is open to vehicles from 7 am to 6 pm in Fall/Winter; 7 am to 9 pm in Spring/Summer. Pedestrians may walk through any time.

Dangers and Annoyances.
The William Mason Park is in coyote country so letting your dog run off-leash (which is in any case against park rules) is risky. Snakes may also lurk in the undeveloped areas and even in the grass near the undeveloped areas. Because of the park’s ponds, birds can be numerous and often leave lots of droppings.

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