Best Places to Walk Your Dog – Woodbridge Community Park

Looking for a park that goes beyond the 200 ft by 200 ft track with grass, a children’s playground, and a few benches and tables? Throughout Orange County, there is a system of parks and natural areas that cover much larger areas and feature not only the usual accouterments of a typical park but also large areas that allow users to roam unhindered by traffic.

Woodbridge Community Park, Irvine. Woodbridge Community Park and the surrounding area encompassing North Lake and South Lake constitutes a mixed residential, commercial, and public area that offers a nearly 1.5-mile-long area lining two large lakes in which to walk your pooch. Both lakes are lined with wide concrete walkways lined by grass and include bridges over the lakes. Others may be playing basketball, tennis, racquetball, jogging, or fishing in the lakes, making for good people watching or showing off your pooch. There is a shopping complex between the lakes that includes restaurants with outdoor dining areas and allow you to dine with your pooch.

Planning your visit. 20 Lake Road, Irvine. Free parking, accessible at all times.

Dangers and Annoyances. The lakes attract all sorts of waterfowl that leave poop in the grass around the shores. If your dog likes to snack or roll, then avoid the grassy areas. The grass areas of the Mike Ward Community Park are far enough away from the lakes that they are generally free of bird feces.

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