CiaoCiao PetCare’s Movie Selections – Marley and Me

Looking for an inspiring dog movie that doesn’t anthropomorphize animals? Here is our latest movie pick: Marley and Me (2008, sad ending, rated PG with mild adult themes, occasional strong language). Marley and Me can be thought of as a sequel to My Dog Skip. Just as the latter movie captured a child bonding with a dog, Marley and Me features a young couple adopting a white Labrador and charts their life from puppyhood to death. Marley and Me failed to capture the relationship of the couple with their dog the way My Dog Skip captured the bonding of a child with his dog. Perhaps it is much more challenging to do so. Nevertheless, it is a worthwhile see and is a useful primer for couples looking to adopt a dog and how a dog integrates itself into a family. For archived movie reviews, go to

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