Tales with Tails – J Matthew

True Stories that Inspire Us to Love our Pets as They Love Us. J Matthew, Kansas City, Missouri: Mackenzie (her true identity is secret) was a woman in an abusive relationship. One day, her boyfriend threw Mackenzie through a wall and proceeded to beat her with a hammer. That’s when her dog J Matthew, a Great Dane, threw himself on top of Mackenzie shielding her from his hammer blows. After sustaining cracked ribs and a broken pelvis, her boyfriend grabbed the dog and threw him out the second-floor window. He then dragged him to a nearby busy intersection and left him for dead. When Mackenzie attempted to help him, he pulled a gun and threatened to finish him off. She then went to the police who arrested the boyfriend and picked up the dog. Afterwards, she showedup with the dog at the nearby Rose Brooks shelter for battered women and was initially told they couldn’t take in pets. But after hearing of J Matthew’s heroism, they made an exception on the spot. Since then, the Rose Brooks shelter has allowed pets and added a kennel to their shelter understanding that pets are an important component in expediting an abused woman’s recovery.

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