Focus On Chihuahuas

Chihuahuas.  The smallest of the AKC-recognized breeds, Chihuahuas are among the most misunderstood breeds in the U.S. Various movies and Taco Bell commercials created a surge in interest for Chihuahuas but this was followed by a surge in unwanted Chihuahuas at shelters. The tiny size makes them the perfect traveling companion, but their temperament makes them suitable only for those familiar with twitchy small breed dogs. General characteristics include:
• they are low energy and are suitable for apartments or small homes
• the breed is susceptible mainly to issues common to all small breed dogs (such as collapsed trachea and hydrocephalus) but generally live a long life (up to 20 years)
• they are not ideal for families with kids, especially small kids. In fact, Chihuahuas tend to bond with a single-family member and may regard everyone else as a threat
• they are not ideal in multi-dog households unless the other dogs are Chihuahuas
• they are notoriously difficult to train and they are among the most difficult breeds to housebreak
Chihuahuas have gained a reputation for behavioral issues, but their temperament can be highly variable, with the biggest determinant being its parents temperament. If you can get past their idiosyncrasies, Chihuahuas can be among the most memorable pets.

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