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Marley & MeCiaoCiao PetCare’s Movie Selections. Looking for an inspiring pet movie that doesn’t anthropomorphize animals? Here is our latest movie pick: Marley and Me (2008, sad ending, rated PG with mild adult themes, occasional strong language). Marley and Me can be thought of as a sequel to My Dog Skip. Just as the latter movie captured a child bonding with a dog, Marley and Me features a young couple adopting a white Labrador and charts their life from puppyhood to death. Marley and Me failed to capture the relationship of the couple with their dog the way My Dog Skip captured the bonding of a child with his dog. Perhaps it is much more challenging to do so. Nevertheless, it is a worthwhile see and is a useful primer for couples looking to adopt a dog and how a dog integrates itself into a family.

Best Places to Walk Your Dog. Looking for a park that goes beyond the 200 ft by 200 ft track with grass, a children’s playground, and a few benches and tables? Throughout Orange County and the Los Angeles area, there is a system of parks and natural areas that cover much larger areas that feature not only the usual accouterments of a typical park but also large areas that allow users to roam unhindered by traffic.
Irvine Regional Park. Despite its name, Irvine Regional Park is located in the city of Orange and includes the Orange County Zoo, a working railroad, equestrian trails, and a pond with paddleboats. It is located over 477 acres in a valley at the western edge of the Santa Ana Mountains and includes a network of trails that connect into trails that head into the mountains. The park features expansive grass areas in which to picnic and run your dog. Park Info: 1 Irvine Park Road, Orange, CA. Parking is $5 on weekends; $3 on weekdays (non-holiday), a separate admission fee is charged into the Orange County zoo and pets are not allowed inside the zoo. Facilities include an equestrian center, snack bar, and bicycle and aqua cycle rentals. Dangers and Annoyances. Due to the park’s location at the edge of the Santa Ana Mountains, coyotes and rattlesnakes may venture onto the park grounds. Beware of poison oak in undeveloped areas within and outside the park. Ticks and fleas may also be present in brush within the park.

Huntington Beach Howl’oween Dog Costume Contest and Parade

Save the Date. Huntington Beach Howl’oween Dog Costume Contest and Parade. Huntington Beach Central Park (18000 Goldenwest St) on October 31. Events begin at noon and admission is free. Includes costume contests for both kids and dogs. 



True Stories that Inspire Us to Love our Pets as They Love UsTales with Tails. True Stories that Inspire Us to Love our Pets as They Love Us. J Matthew. Kansas City, Missouri: Mackenzie (her true identity is secret) was a woman in an abusive relationship. One day, her boyfriend threw Mackenzie through a wall and proceeded to beat her with a hammer. That’s when her dog J Matthew, a Great Dane, threw himself on top of Mackenzie shielding her from his hammer blows. After sustaining cracked ribs and a broken pelvis, her boyfriend grabbed the dog and threw him out the second-floor window. He then dragged him to a nearby busy intersection and left him for dead. When Mackenzie attempted to help him, he pulled a gun and threatened to finish him off. She then went to the police who arrested the boyfriend and picked up the dog. Afterwards, she showed up with the dog at the nearby Rose Brooks shelter for battered women and was initially told they couldn’t take in pets. But after hearing of J Matthew’s heroism, they made an exception on the spot. Since then, the Rose Brooks shelter has allowed pets and added a kennel to their shelter understanding that pets are an important component in expediting an abused woman’s recovery.

Adopt & Rescue: Misconceptions. Every year millions of dogs are abandoned or neglected. Only a few lucky of these find a second home, while many are euthanized. This is partly due to the perception that rescue dogs have behavioral or health issues. The reality is that people often abandon dogs with perfectly normal behaviors: for instance, dogs that become destructive due to lack of stimulation, or high-energy dogs adopted by families with a sedentary lifestyle. Here are some facts to keep in keep in mind when pondering if you should rescue and adopt a dog:

  • Experienced professionals or volunteers at animal shelters and rescue organizations assess each dog behavior and needs, and adoption counselors work with prospective adopters to match them with a dog that best fits each family’s lifestyle and experience in handling dogs.
  • You may be able to foster a dog before adopting him and evaluate yourself how well he fits in your family.
  • Rescue dogs are up-to-date on their vaccinations, spayed or neutered, often housebroken, and partly obedience-trained.
  • By adopting an older dog, you can bypass the challenges of adolescence, and you can adopt a senior dog if you like high-energy breeds but cannot handle all the an important component in expediting an abused woman’s recovery.

Coastal German Shepherd Rescue

Coastal German Shepherd Rescue has been able to find loving homes for hundreds of dogs who have been abandoned, neglected, abused, or relinquished by their owners, as well as bring joy into the lives of numerous humans who have welcomed these dogs into their families. Coastal German Shepherd Rescue has matched CiaoCiao’s owner, Livia, and her family with Darley girl, the love of their lives, as Livia puts it: ‘Not a day goes by in which Darley doesn’t make laugh and feel special by showing us affection and enthusiasm for anything that life has to offer her, from playing to making new friends, from hiking to car rides to travels, Darley has fit like a glove into our family activities, and we have become inseparable! As a lucky family who lives with a Coastal German Shepherd Rescue dog and as volunteers for Coastal German Shepherd Rescue, we know well how loving, smart and gorgeous these dogs really are, and how passionate about helping them the Coastal German Shepherd Rescue team is.’ Coastal German Shepherd Rescue also contributes to raise awareness of overpopulation of animals through education, training, spaying and neutering. Please make a donation to contribute helping these magnificent animals at

Discovered on the Internet: Who Rescued Who? For those of you who believe that dogs are a divine gift from heaven, grab a tissue and watch these videos of dogs rescuing their owners.

  • Mutual Rescue films: Eric & Peety is the most inspirational
  • Denali: a tribute to man’s best friend
  • I love my dog by PETA
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