Tales with Tails – Capitan

True stories that inspire us to love our pets as they love us. Capitan. The story of Capitan is proof that dogs are sentimental, the only species outside of elephants and humans known to be so. Capitan is a German Shepherd mix who lives west of the Argentine city of Cordoba. In 2006, Capitan ran away from home after his owner Manuel Guzman died. He reappeared next to Guzman’s grave several days later. It’s unknown how Capitan found Guzman’s grave as he didn’t attend his funeral and had never visited the cemetery. Guzman’s widow attempted to bring Capitan home, but he refused. Occasionally, Capitan returns home to visit Guzman’s family, but he always returns to the cemetery by nightfall. Cemetery staff have adopted Capitan and provide food and water for him. As of 2014, Capitan was getting long in the tooth, but remained a fixture at Guzman’s grave. Capitan was last reported on in 2014. Search Capitan German Shepherd Cordoba to find archived stories and photos.

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