Movie Selections – A Dog’s Purpose

Looking for an inspiring dog movie? Here is our latest movie pick. A Dog’s Purpose. A Dog’s Purpose was panned by critics and was summarized in Rotten Tomatoes as “[tugging] at animal-loving audiences’ heartstrings with shameless abandon”, but isn’t that precisely why we see pet films? With that in mind, be sure to have tissues on hand if you’re a passionate dog lover. The movie is premised on a single canine soul living and reincarnating over five doggy lives. Over the course of each life, the dog touches the lives of its human masters in poignant and not so poignant ways while highlighting the special relationship between humans and dogs, especially at the various stages of our own human lives. If you’re not a dog lover, you will probably find this movie to be over-the-top melodrama, but if you are, you will be treated to plenty of sentimental anecdotes that will remind you of your past doggy loves. (2017, happy ending, rated PG with mild violence, strong language). The PG rating comes from mild violence and a few four-letter utterances.

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