Movie Selections – My Dog Skip

Looking for an inspiring dog movie? Here is our latest movie pick.

My Dog Skip. For those of you who bonded with a dog as a child ‘My Dog Skip’ is a treat. Childhood is a disruptive time of life during which our perceptions of the world are constantly in flux. How we perceive our parents, our community, the world, our peers, the opposite sex as we go through puberty, and so on changes rapidly, and for many, this can be discomforting. A pet offers an island of stability that doesn’t change even while the world around us does. Our relationship with such pets is akin to a sibling who is not a rival, but a loyal friend. ‘My Dog Skip’ beautifully captures this relationship as a young Willie Morris (played by Frankie Muniz) struggles with growing up during World War II in the Deep South.
Although rated PG, ‘My Dog Skip’ is appropriate for kids with mild violence that is no different than that shown on cartoons.

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