On Finding Love & Rescue Dogs

Are you single, a dog lover, but don’t have a dog because the commitment is too much? Few things are a more effective ice breaker than walking an adorable pooch through a target-rich environment. But for dogless singles, such a notion can only be fantasy unless you can borrow a dog. However, if you don’t have that option, there is still hope.
Dog rescue organizations are volunteer-run organizations that take in unwanted dogs, usually from public shelters that must otherwise euthanize such pets, and eventually find them forever homes. Rescue organizations are always in need of volunteers to train, socialize, and exercise their dogs. Although some forbid

dogs from being taken from their facility for liability reasons, others permit it after you’ve signed a waiver or undergone dog-handling training, and that is where your opportunity to get a date comes in!
Under these circumstances, it is probably best to build a bond with one dog first. by exercising and socializing with her, then taking her on walks, and finally by socializing her with strangers.

Even better than merely taking a rescue dog on outings is to foster one. You can foster for a weekend, a week, or months, if necessary. This is beneficial to the rescue because it reduces boarding costs and socializes the dog. Fostering also frees you of the restrictions for taking their dogs out in public.When walking the dog in public, be sure to mention that it’s a rescue. If you trained the dog, don’t forget to mention that, and talk about your volunteer work at the dog rescue. To move things along, ask questions like “Would you be interested in adopting her? May I get your phone number and I’ll get in touch with you about adoption?”

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