Walking with Other Dogs

Pet Walking Services in Irvine and Newport Beach: Walking Group by CiaoCiao PetCare

Does your dog love to meet other dogs? With our group walks your dog will look forward to walking with a handful of regular friends over a diverse set of trails and parks in your own neighborhood.

Our group service is a great alternative to dog daycare, without having to drop off or pick up your dog, or pay extra for shuttle service.

Say ‘goodbye’ to guilt on long work days, knowing that your dog has a good time and is in safe hands. Come home to a happy, well-behaved dog.


Pet Walking Services in Irvine & Newport Beach: CiaoCiao PetCare's Group Dog Walking Services includes transport to trails & parks in a comfortable passengers van outfitted with cratesOUR GROUP PET WALKING SERVICES INCLUDE

  • One-hour easy, moderate, or fast-paced hiking adventures with regular friends from your own neighborhood.
  • Real-time updates with photos.
  • Trail manners reinforcement using only force-free handling.
  • Free pick-up/drop-off.
  • Rates vary from $25 to $35 per walk depending on number of walks per week. 25% off the total rate for multiple dogs from the same household. We offer discounts to repeat customers.


  • Only a handful of carefully selected dogs, well-matched to your dog in terms of personality, energy level, and size.
  • You personally meet the walker and business owner who takes your dog on all walks over extended periods of time, and you have to deal with only one person for every aspect of the service.
  • Your dog will look forward to walk with a familiar person who knows him inside out.
  • Overnight service available to regular walking clients. So your dog can enjoy the kind of care and attention he is used to get from you when you are out of town.


  • Dogs must be well-socialized and friendly.
  • Dogs must be spayed/neutered.
  • Dogs must be at least six months of age and have completed their vaccinations.
  • Dogs must be up-to-date with vaccinations or titres.
  • Dogs must have a current license.