Dog Walking Services Newport Beach and Irvine

Pet walking services

Walking with Other Dogs

Does your dog love to meet other dogs? With our group walks your dog will look forward to walking with a handful of regular friends over a diverse set…

Dog walking services

Walking Difficult Dogs On Leash

Do you dread taking your dog for a walk because of the pulling, barking, etc? Is every passing dog or squirrel a crisis? As a professionally trained d…


Dog Walking One-On-One

Does your dog thrive on individual attention? Does he like his walks peaceful and quiet? Are you tired of having yet a new dog walker coming into your…

Dog Walks for Dogs Difficult On Leash in Irvine and Newport Beach by CiaoCiao PetCare - setting the tone of the walk for our Maybelle pup

HOW YOU GET STARTED with Dog Walking Newport Beach & Irvine

STEP 1 – Complimentary Meet & Greet.  After you contact us, your dog walker will come to your home at a convenient time for you for a complimentary Meet & Greet. You’ll step through an interview process so that your dogwalker can start learning all she needs to know about your dog to keep him happy and safe.

STEP 2 – Choosing Activities and Friends that Best Suit Your Dog.  Based on what your dog walker learns from you, she’ll formulate a specific walking route and a plan to set your dog up fun-filled walks.

STEP 3 – Away We Go! By walking your dog one-on-one before considering to let him meet other dogs, your dog walker can teach him the routines he needs to know to have fun and stay safe.  If you’re working with a trainer, your dog walker will incorporate your trainer’s plan into his walks so your dog can benefit from a consistent set of rules. Then your walker will either continue taking your dog on one-on-one walks, or surround him with friends that are a great match for him, whichever best suits your dog, and they’ll get to go trotting and have fun.

STEP 4 – You Come Home to a Happy and Well-behaved Dog. You end your day sitting back and cuddling with your well-behaved companion.